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KC PRO West is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that promotes safety, teaches children safe driving practices, encourages friendships among families, and aids in the building of a child's good character. The organization was founded in 1989 and currently has over 60 families as members. We offer 13 different classes of snowmobile racing that appeal to all; from the beginner driver to the advanced modified classes. We provide trophies or plaques depending on the class for all racers from placing in final, last chance qualifier, and participation; with goodie bags for all at each race day award banquet. The ages of the children range from 4 years to 14 years. Approximately 8 races are held each year in various locations throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. 

Please be aware that all entries must be received by Wed. at 10:00 p.m..  This is to help make it easier to get the lineups ready for the coming weekend.

Here is a link to the ISR Rules that KC Pro West follows. UserFiles/Sno Cross.pdf


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06 February, 2018
For the transition class, he recommended staying with the 8-13 range and if you start the season you can finis...

30 January, 2018
Open Board Positions for 2019 Season: Vice President & Treasurer...


KCPRO West Race 2019  Schedule

    hot laps 8:30am     Drivers meeting 9am     Flag drops at 9:30am

 Running order 

Stock 120 


Amateur Stock

Semi Pro 206

Pro 206

Champ 120 : 

Improved Stock 120

Champ 206

200 Stock

LCQ's and Finals...

Junior Age 8-10 

Junior Age 10-13



    SnoCross Classes

    • Beginner age 4
    • Amateur age 5-12
    • Stock 12 age 5-12
    • Improved Stock age 6-12
    • Semi Pro 206 age 6-9
    • Pro 206 age 7-12
    • Champ 120 age 7-14
    • Champ 206 age 7-14
    • 200 stock age 6-14
    • Junior age 8-10
    • Junior age 10-13



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President - Tony Wensloff

Vice President - Craig Houser

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