Welcome to the KC Pro West kids snowmobile racing site.
Welcome to the KC ProWest Racing Site

Welcome to the KC Pro West Racing Website

KC PRO West is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that promotes safety, teaches children safe driving practices, encourages friendships among families, and aids in the building of a child's good character. The organization was founded in 1989 and currently has over 60 families as members. We offer 13 different classes of snowmobile racing that appeal to all; from the beginner driver to the advanced modified classes. We provide trophies for all racers from placing in final, consolation final, and participation; with goodie bags for all at each race day award banquet. The ages of the children range from 4 years to 14 years. Approximately 8 races are held each year in various locations throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. See our Race Schedule.

For the 2015 season KC Pro will be adding a Briggs and Stratton Semi-Pro class.   This class is to introduce new racers into the 206 classes.  This class will consist of a stock chassis with the Briggs 206 engine (rear shock allowed).  You will be restricted to the green slide in the carb, and 3.0 gearing.  Pro 206 racers cannot race the Semi-Pro class.  If you win 3 finals in the Semi-Pro class you will be bumped up to the Pro Class. 

To receive a green slide for the Semi-Pro Briggs class, please contact Joey Hallstrom  - jhallstrom@arcticcatinc.com or call 218-689-0677.

See some additional photos take by Michelle Benitt ~ click here

KC Prowest - Yearbook Image Submission 

See WDAY/WDAZ News Story - Extra Snow Brings Out a Children's Snowmobile Racing Club

Please be aware that for the 2015 race season all entries must be received by Wed. at midnight.  This is to help make it easier to get the lineups ready for the coming weekend.

"2015" Race Schedule:
January 3 - Minto, ND
January 4 - Grafton, ND
January 10 - Karlstad, MN
January 24 - Oslo, MN
February 7 & 8 - Thief River Falls, MN
February 14 - Grand Forks, ND
February 21 - Middle River, MN
March 7 & 8 - Roseau, MN


Go to News Page for additional information.


Ice Oval Classes
Kitty Cat Amateur -ages 4-12
Kitty Cat Stock -ages 4-12
Kitty Cat Improved Stock -ages 5-12 (Must have one year experience in Stock.)
120 Ice Stock -ages 4-12
120 Ice Improved Stock -ages 5-12 (Must have one year experience in Stock.)
Briggs 206 Pro Ice ages 7-14  (Must have one year experience in Stock.)

SnoCross Classes
120 Beginners -ages 4 and up. Box Stock Class Governed to specs in the rulebook.
120 Amateur -ages 5-12
120 Stock -ages 6-12 (May race Stock and Improved Stock, cannot race in Stock if racing in Champ class)
120 Improved Stock -ages 6-12 (Must have one year experience in Stock.)
B&S Semi-Pro 206 - ages 6-12
B&S Pro 206-ages 7-12 (Must have one year experience in Stock.)
Champs-ages 7-14 Must have one year experience in Improved Stock. (May race Improved and Champ but not Stock.)
Champ 206-ages 7-14(must be seperate sled, cannot run Pro 206 sled in this class.  Rules are the same as Champ, with the exception of the 206 engine)

Yearbook Info Form (Printable PDF)

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