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How to get started racing with KC ProWest:

Please join us! 

Welcome to KC Pro West. It is our sincere desire to make getting into this sport as easy as possible. I
am going to go over a few things that you need to know and try to make this easier.

First, for your child to compete he or she will need some essential things to satisfy our rules and
ISR strongly encourages all drivers in all disciplines / divisions to source helmets that continue to display High Vis Colors/International Orange.

At least one hundred forty-four (144) square inches of visible area on both the driver’s front and back (upper body) will be
blaze orange in color. We will have some orange vests on hand if this is your first race, these will be first come first serve.

Shin guards/knee guards, most people wear something that is a hard plastic shell with soft cushion
underneath. Over or under the snow pants are fine.
Eye protection is mandatory.
A chest protector is also mandatory, we have these in the race trailer to rent or buy. Your first weekend
will also be free to use, but supply is limited to what we have on hand.
A mouth guard is strongly encouraged

Now that you know the equipment needed, we need to get your kid an ISR license. This is not a hard
process, but it does come with a once a year $30 dollar cost.

You will need visible numbers on both sides of your child’s snowmobile. In a contrasting color. There
are number plates available in the race trailer, but if this is your first weekend, we can make do with
something extremely visible on each side of the tunnel of the snowmobile.

You are encouraged to come to the track the first time no later than 9 am. Come to the club trailer that
has “KC Pro West” stickers and is normally lined up with the start/finish line. When you get there go
inside and let the scoring attendants know you are new with a new rider. Our plan is to give you a
racing buddy for the weekend, this will be someone involved in our organization. They will help you
understand what is going on for the day/weekend and will help make sure you know how our club does
things. They will also determine what class is best suited for your child. Part of this will be determined
by whether or not your sled has had the governor removed. Also, your child’s riding ability will come
into play.

B120 is a completely bone stock snowmobile. The only modification allowed is a rear gear change on
some models. Typical Ages 4-6

Amateur Stock 120 is a completely bone stock snowmobile with the governor removed. It is required to
have a rev limiter for this class, but if your snowmobile doesn’t rev over the maximum, you will be allowed                                                              to race without it for this weekend only. Gear change on the rear sprocket is also allowed.
Typical ages 5-9

Stock 120 is exactly the same as Amateur 120, with more advanced riders. Typical ages 5-12, but riding
experience is required.

Once that is determined we will register your child in that class. There will be a driver meeting at 9:30
am. And all drivers and parents should attend. The flag man will ask If there are any new drivers and
then explain the procedure to you and your child.
The cost of registration is free for the first weekend of a new child. This is to help offset the cost of the
mandatory ISR insurance and to encourage new families to get involved.


When you your child falls in love with the sport:
There is a non-mandatory membership to KC Pro West, but it gets you a yearbook, a free t-shirt, and
discounts at registration. Plus, access to the year-end banquet, a year end trophy for any child who races
3 or more days and voting rights at club meetings.

Your child will also need to register on Raceday. This is how we login to register for the next race, this
also gives your child a driver profile on the website. This information from the profile is what will appear
in the yearbook. Registration for each week will be done by 10:00 pm on Wednesday.

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