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ISR Updates 2018

transition class,   recommended staying with the 8-13 range and if you start the season you can finish it . we can allow sleds to be set up per cross country rules.   cross country helmets and chest protector rules.  we can stay with the old fifty percent orange and...

Stock 120 Class

Stock 120 will always be the 1st class on snow, starting with Viking MN - no more switching where we ended one race to where we start next race Effective Jan 20th, 2018 This will be the Global Footer

2018 Club Positions

2018 Board of Directors President - Tony Wensloff (218) 242-0655 Vice President – Craig Houser (218) 791-7464   Secretary – Kayla Landin (218) 242-1551   Treasurer – Trish...


NEW ISR RULES FOR STOCK CLASS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Clutch may be replaced with aftermarket clutch of the same basic centrifugal design. (HAS TO BE A MAX-TORQUE CLUTCH). Can run 35 chain and sprockets. Stock drive clutch engagement must be maintained. 120 Sno X class...

Top 2 Consolation Finishers Advance To Final!

The 1st and 2nd place Consolation winners will now immediately fall in line in a 2nd row behind the final 6 riders, making it an 8 sled final. The Consolation riders will take points from their final finishing spot only, not for consi race. Consolation 1st and 2nd...

Register For Races Online!

All KC Pro West registration for races and memberships will be done online this year! No more standing in line on the day of the race and we’ve made it much easier for our volunteers to setup, manage and run the races. Head on over there now and setup the accounts for...

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